30th Anniversary

In 2015, Marshall Leslie celebrated 30 years of service to the building industry

It all began with a simple question: “Why don’t North Americans use more lead-zinc in the construction industry?” The question – posed to Marshall Leslie by Bert Easton – launched a business that in 2015 celebrated its 30th anniversary.

M. Leslie Inc. began in response to a need. Canadian based Cominco Ltd. was the largest lead-zinc smelter in the world and enjoyed considerable sales of lead-zinc in European construction markets. At home and in the United States however, sales were non-existent. Why? This was the answer that Bert Easton, General Sales Manager for Metals of Cominco wanted to know. He had watched considerable volumes of his product being sold to roofers, plumbers and other contractors in England, Germany and throughout Western Europe; but at home there wasn’t any interest.

comincoLeslie and Easton – who sadly passed away in 1991 – were friends and encountered one another on a fall day in Muskoka, Ontario. Leslie had worked for building product manufacturers like Domtar and Canron in sales, marketing and planning. The short answer he gave that afternoon turned into his first client engagement. Over the next 30 years, the needs of similar producers of gypsum, insulation, masonry, wood, aluminum extrusions, welding, pipe and other products and services used in the building and construction industry would create the foundation for M. Leslie Inc.