Information for Consumers

Information for Consumers

And finally, if you just happened to stumble upon this site and are a consumer looking for a solution to your individual project, then welcome to our website! We suggest you look at these other sites for additional information ….

If you live in the great white north, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has a broad range of information for you. The Do It Yourself Network has great tips on its “Homebuilding” page.

If you live in the home of the brave, the National Association of Home Builders of the US (NAHB) has important information for consumers. Please contact a NAHB member if you are considering the purchase of a new home, or a renovation.

Are you building a new home? Tarion Warranty Corporation, in the province of Ontario, provides warranties for all new homes built for sale in the province. You can download its “Construction Performance Guidelines” for builders and buyers at this site. It’s a useful primer on what to look for (in a 2 megabyte file), in single family construction.

And last but not least, Taunton Press’ Fine Homebuilding magazine is always impressive and that’s why we’re subscribers too!