News and Policies

For building and construction news, there are many sites according to your needs. We think these just about cover the spectrum:

ArchDaily is an online aggregator of design and building news from blogs around the world. Buildings magazine contains news for facilities managers, owners and developers. Hardlines connects the home improvement retail industry in Canada.

Hardware + Building Supply Dealer is the home improvement retail news book of independent publisher Lebhar-Friedman. In North America, it’s the publication-of-record for the industry. HousingZone is the umbrella news site of SGC Horizon’s housing industry magazines, trade shows and awards. Dodge Data & Analytics covers the world – literally – from this gateway site for residential, non-residential and engineering construction and design.

Yahoo!® Finance Retail’s Home Improvement Stores page  will provide you with a market summary, news, statistics, and company profiles of the vital retail building supply sector. From here, you can also navigate to similar pages for construction raw materials, services, supplies and fixtures.

For public policies that impact upon construction, the built environment and competitiveness, we recommend the following: